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Help COVID-19 vaccine research.

Vaccine research studies are seeking healthy adults age 18+

Those who qualify may receive*:

  • Payment from $1,325 up to $2,950, which varies by study
  • Study-related care at no cost from local doctors
  • Study vaccine at no cost

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Now that there are approved vaccines for COVID, are other vaccine studies even needed?

YES. Here’s why:

Multiple vaccines are necessary

Some vaccines work better for some people versus others, or for reasons including allergies or even needing a needle-free option.

Worldwide Need

Demand exceeds supply. Vaccine supplies may not be available for everyone. But with multiple approved vaccines, more people can be protected—sooner.

If you are eligible for and participate in a study, you have the right to discontinue your participation any time and for any reason. Your health will be monitored closely throughout the study.

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What types of vaccine trials are available?

We are recruiting volunteers to participate in clinical trials testing three different types of vaccines.

All types of vaccines teach your immune system to recognize and fight a type of germ. But each type of vaccine uses a slightly different way to show your body the recognizable feature of the germ.

For COVID vaccines, each trial uses a different approach to show your body a distinguishing feature of the COVID-19 virus—without ever exposing your body to the virus. The goal is to teach your body to spot COVID and destroy it before it can cause sickness.

mRNA Vaccines

In your body, mRNA is used like recipe cards or blueprints telling the body how to build the proteins it needs.

mRNA vaccines give your body the recipe to build a protein that is unique to a particular germ like COVID but doesn’t belong in your body. Your body follows the recipe and makes this protein. Your immune system then recognizes that this protein doesn’t belong and attacks it. In the process, it memorizes this “invader” so it can recognize it in the future.

The mRNA you receive in mRNA vaccines is made in a lab. You do not receive any actual virus parts with this vaccine. You cannot get COVID from this shot.

Recombinant Vaccines

Recombinant Vaccines Recombinant vaccines give your body a bulk delivery of some part of a germ, like the protein that covers a particular virus. Your immune system recognizes that this protein doesn’t belong and responds by destroying it. This invader is now known to your immune system; if you run into it again in the future, your body will know to move quickly to attack it.

The protein you receive in a recombinant vaccine is made in a lab. You do not get any virus with this vaccine. You will not get COVID from this shot.

Viral Vector Vaccines

With viral vector vaccines, scientists take a virus that doesn’t cause illness and make it carry the distinguishing feature of the germ. Your body recognizes that this virus doesn’t belong and targets it for destruction. If your body sees the distinguishing feature again in the future, it knows to immediately destroy it.

You never receive COVID with a viral vector vaccine. You receive a harmless virus that is dressed to look like COVID. Your body learns that things that look like COVID should be destroyed, so in the future it can quickly and effectively respond.

We are currently enrolling participants in clinical trials for multiple COVID vaccine types.

You will be told what type of study vaccine you may receive if you qualify, prior to any study commitments.

COVID-19 update — we remain open.

For the safety of both study staff and participants, we require that our research sites are COVID-19 SMART facilities. That means they use best practices to reduce virus exposure and are dedicated to ensuring they remain open and available for the research of investigational medications.

COVID-19 SMART steps we are taking to ensure safety include:

  • Greatly increased availability of video office visits
  • Ensuring social distancing measures are taken in all waiting areas
  • Continuing the practice of cleaning and disinfecting exams rooms thoroughly between every study visit
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for all staff members at our health clinics

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