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Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is the accidental leakage of urine that occurs with physical movement or activity, such as such as coughing, sneezing, running or heavy lifting. There is no need or urge to urinate. Physical activity puts pressure (or stress) on the bladder, which causes urine to drip, leak or stream out. SUI is very common in women, especially after menopause or childbirth. If you have stress incontinence, you may feel embarrassed, isolate yourself, or limit your work and social life due to fear of having an accident.

There are no approved drugs to treat Stress Urinary Incontinence. Right now, doctors in your area are testing study medications for postmenopausal women who have this condition. You may eligible to participate.

Stress Incontinence and Urge Incontinence are two different conditions with different causes and symptoms:

Condition Stress Incontinence Urge Incontinence (also known as overactive bladder)
Symptom Urine leaks unexpectedly with cough, sneeze, laugh, exercise, lifting. There is no urge. Sudden, frequent urge to urinate. Urge can be so great that wetting accidents occur.
Causes Weakened pelvic floor muscles Involuntary bladder spasms
Triggers Pregnancy, childbirth, obesity, menopause, medication, damaged nerves, advancing age Bladder infections, diet, medication, diabetes, nervous system diseases, menopause, advancing age
Treatments No approved drugs. Lifestyle/ behavioral modifications only Medications such as anticholinergics, alpha blockers, beta-3 adrenergic agonists and topical estrogen

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* In a research study, the participants may receive investigational study product or may receive an inactive substance, or placebo, depending on the study design. Participants receive study-related care from a doctor/research team for the duration of the study. Reasonable payments will be made for participation and the length of the study may vary.

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