According to the CDC, one in three US adults has high blood pressure—and only half of them have it under control. This creates long-term damage to the body’s arteries and heart, which in turn affects the brain, kidneys, and eyes.

High blood pressure is estimated to cost the US $48.6 billion annually. Since the early 90s, it has rapidly risen to be the number one contributing factor to life-threatening conditions like heart attack and stroke.

Existing medications like beta blockers don’t work for everyone, and can carry significant side effects. There is an urgent need for more treatment options for high blood pressure—which is where research studies can help.

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COVID-19 update — we remain open.

For the safety of both staff and patients, we require that our research sites are COVID-19 SMART facilities. That means they use best practices to reduce virus exposure and are dedicated to ensuring they remain open and available for the research of investigational medications.

COVID-19 SMART steps we are taking to ensure safety include:

  • Greatly increased availability of video office visits
  • Ensuring social distancing measures are taken in all waiting areas
  • Continuing the practice of cleaning and disinfecting exams rooms throughly between every patient visit
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for all staff members at our health clinics

Dedicated to conducting clinical trials, Synexus have been investigating the effectiveness of new medicines and treatments for more than 25 years. We have vast experience in conducting clinical research with over 180 sites around the world. Each has its own dedicated team of highly trained doctors and nurses to provide our patients with the highest level of comfort and professionalism.