Experts say that if you were exposed to someone who is COVID-positive, you have a 20% chance of becoming COVID-positive, too.

Your risk of testing COVID-positive may increase if you spend more time with someone COVID-positive, because you run into more chances to encounter the virus. The risk can go up even higher if they show symptoms, which often help the virus spread.

If you were not vaccinated against COVID, your risks are even higher. Researchers are trying to find solutions to prevent COVID in people who were exposed to COVID at home. If you live with someone who just tested positive for COVID and is showing symptoms, you might be eligible for a paid local research study.

You may be eligible if you are 18 years or older, and you show no symptoms. The person in your household (known as the ‘index’ case) must have tested positive within the last 72 hours—and be willing to show proof of that—as well as show symptoms of COVID.

Take the next step to see if you qualify for a local research study for people living with someone who just tested COVID-positive in the last 72 hours (3 days). But don’t delay — space is limited!

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COVID-19 update — we remain open.

For the safety of both staff and patients, we require that our research sites are COVID-19 SMART facilities. That means they use best practices to reduce virus exposure and are dedicated to ensuring they remain open and available for the research of investigational medications.

COVID-19 SMART steps we are taking to ensure safety include:

  • Greatly increased availability of video office visits
  • Ensuring social distancing measures are taken in all waiting areas
  • Continuing the practice of cleaning and disinfecting exams rooms thoroughly between every visit
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for all staff members at our health clinics

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